Nutritional Guidance

Train With Lauren Personal Training can guide you on nutrition & dieting


Train with Lauren Personal Training offers nutrition advice for individuals in Essex.
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Life can often be non-stop, with the need to juggle many different tasks every day. As you become more and more busy, with less time for rest and relaxation, it’s possible to find yourself lacking in energy, feeling lethargic or unable to concentrate fully on the things you need to. It has become increasingly difficult for people these days to have a clear understanding of what they should and shouldn’t eat for health and weight loss.

It’s a sad fact, but more and more people, including children, are becoming obese these days. It only becomes apparent that we have been neglecting ourselves when we start to feel uncomfortable in our clothes, we struggle to climb the stairs, we don’t like the way we look or a health problem crops up. Going in search of a fad diet is not the answer.

These diets work short term, but any weight lost is quickly put back on (as it is usually a mix of water and muscle). I don’t believe in cutting out any major food groups, I will change the way you eat to help you lose weight consistently and keep it off.


Many of us want to make healthy choices, but aren’t sure where to begin. I will work with you one-to-one on your nutrition, starting by asking you to keep a food diary of everything you eat for a week. Some clients need a complete overhaul of their diet, while others just want suggestions to improve how they feel. The key is to have a balance of the right amount of exercise and the right amount of food to get the best results.