Personal Training in Essex

Training programmes for individuals across Essex. Contact me for information.

Personal Trainer Sessions in Essex

Do you want to take up personal strength training sessions?
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Why choose a personal trainer?

It’s easy to become complacent about your own health and fitness, with our busy lifestyle and demands placed on us. Many people find motivating themselves hard work or even impossible. Working with a personal trainer is no longer seen as a luxury or something nice to have, people these days see it as a lifestyle change to make a real difference to long-term health and well-being.
The motivation, advice and encouragement that I provide can give you a fantastic boost and vastly increase your confidence. Whatever your health and fitness goals are, I will make sure that your workouts and nutrition plans are aimed at helping you achieve them.

Training venue

Training usually takes place at my very well equipped and air conditioned home gym in Basildon, where you will have access to a vast array of equipment. Here you can exercise without feeling self-conscious of other people watching you while you train. From experience, I have found that clients tend to be a lot more motivated exercising at my gym, than in their own homes, as there are far fewer distractions. I also offer online training.

How I Can Help You

  • Exercise programmes tailored specifically towards your goals
  • All my packages include nutritional advice
  • Free consultation
  • A good selection of price packages including peak and off peak rates
  • Reach and maintain your goals
  • Learn correct & safe exercise techniques
  • Effective and enjoyable workouts
  • No membership or joining fees

Reasons to Choose Me

  • I will help motivate you, encourage you and give you a sense of focus
  • I have the knowledge and qualifications to help you achieve your goals
  • I will challenge you in ways that move towards your goals in every single PT session
  • I will help you with exercise technique and performance