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Highly Recommend!

I really enjoyed my training sessions with Lauren. Each session had different exercise routines which made the training that much more fun. She took on board my concerns and suggested routines that would best fit my physical abilities. She also challenged me when needed in order to get the most out of each session. I could see an improvement in my stamina and fitness after the first few sessions itself. I highly recommend the training sessions provided by Lauren.


Five Star View for a Five Star PT

I spent 8 weeks training with Lauren (twice a week) and can’t recommend Lauren enough. She makes you feel comfortable, keeps training sessions varied and is very motivational. She has so much to offer in knowledge and equipment and has turned someone who had no motivation into someone wanting to workout and I genuinely looked forward to each session. I was sad that the course come to an end but I will definitely dip back in should I feel in the future this is something I need.


Thank You

I have been training with Lauren since the beginning of August 2019. I was diagnosed with Fybromalgia last October and wanted to avoid the strong medication that was advised to me. After research I was convinced that finding a good personal trainer would help ease my symptoms and improve my fitness, Lauren has done just that! I am in awe of how she has taught me about nutrition, exercise and also how she guides you through each lesson. My fitness and health has improved dramatically and I am more confident in myself and how I look. Every lesson is different, varied, never dull and I look forward to my lesson everytime.

I cannot thank Lauren enough for giving me my health, fitness and confidence back to enable me to enjoy my grandchildren.

Oh did I forget to mention I have also lost 1 stone in weight and still losing each week.

Thank you Lauren x


Fantastic personal trainer

After spending 3 months working with Lauren I’m toning up, have far more energy and feeling happier than I have ever felt. Lauren is brilliant at what she does, keeps it varied and is really easy to get on with. I am really going to miss working with her but I’ll be back! I would highly recommend Lauren as a PT.


I would thoroughly recommend Train with Lauren

Lauren was very supportive and informative with my training. Even when I hurt my back at home she was patient and gave me exercises that didn’t aggravate it but I still ached the next day so I knew I had worked.


She is fab

Lauren is fantastic. Myself and my husband go. We were the 50 plus people that did no exercise with no confidence. She has made it totally fun and made us realise we can achieve all our goals. We would totally recommend her


Loosing weight and feeling good about it

Lauren really gives the perfect workout in the hour and it definitely encourages you to get going at home. In the past three months, I have lost over 13 kilos in weight. If you really want to lose weight, this is definitely the best place to do it!


Get fit, build confidence & motivation

Best thing I ever done – Lauren will tailor to your ability but challenges you at the same time. It’s fun and always different fitness programme on the day which allows you to have an all round body fitness, confidence and motivation – Tks Lauren



Lauren is fantastic, she makes every work out different to keep things interesting, and it makes the sessions more enjoyable. She is extremely professional and has helped me so much to build not only my muscle strength but my confidence. I’ve achieved goals I didn’t think I would ever accomplish. I honestly can’t thank her enough, I will be walking down the aisle with a body I’m confident with and that’s down to her help and support. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone, Short or long term! Thank you thank you thank you!!!


Exactly What Was Needed

Lauren is clearly a competent, experienced instructor who can gauge her clients fitness levels, and adapt the workout to the levels of fitness, with obvious improvement after only a short amount of time. I personally lost 1st 10 lbs in 8 weeks, improved my fitness and lifestyle choices dramatically under Lauren’s guidance.

If you need someone /something to get you kick started, Lauren is heavily suggested.


Motivated and healthy

Been going to the gym for a few years but I found it difficult to stay motivated and I was not eating right. Seeing Lauren regularly helped me get into the right mindset to really start my fitness journey, she helped my knowledge of what I should be eating and she is so easy to get along with that I did not feel the usual embarrassment as I would if I was working out alone. By the end of each session I felt confident in my self, 10/10 would Defo recommend Lauren if you need a personal trainer


Positve results through really good stucture and plan

Lauren is a good personal trainer who has really helped me with structure of training , diet and motivation . I have seen some amazing results losing over a stone in 10 weeks , toning up and generally feeling fitter and stronger.


Fab friendly Personal trainer

Lauren is really friendly and listens to exactly what you want to achieve. She pushes you in every session which is always varied and great fun and encourages you every week. Highly recommend Lauren to anyone


Great PT

Lauren is an excellent PT, we have been going for around 18 months now and never had a week the same. She listens to what you want to achieve out of your session and make excersie fun. Which is something I never though I would say


Highly recommend

I was recommended by a friend who used Lauren as a PT before, who achieved great results. Ive never done any sort of training, I was very nervous but Lauren put me at ease straight away. I explained what I wanted to achieve and she adapted work outs to suit my needs. She also helped me with nutrition. Week by week my fitness is improving and I’ve lost a lot of weight and my shape is changing already – thank you Lauren!

Fantastic personal trainer!

I needed some personal training in the run up to a Spartan race I was preparing for. Lauren created a personalised training programme for me which ensured I was fully ready for the competition. Not only did it have me in tip top shape for the race it was a fun enjoyable experience


Highly recommend

I’ve been training with Lauren for around 6 months now – I can honestly say the sessions are hard work but also very fun! No session is ever the same and Lauren is patient but challenging at making you work hard. I’ve lost around 1.5 stone through these sessions and watching what I eat. Would highly recommend, can really tell the difference in my body shape and fitness level.


Fantastic trainer

When I first decided I wanted personal training sessions, I was very nervous – I was sure I could never keep up. Lauren is fantastic – she has worked so hard with me and helped me to increase my fitness. She has a talent for creating workouts that continually challenge and increase your fitness levels without feeling impossible. Plus the sessions are enjoyable! I have lost weight, toned up, and my blood pressure has lowered as has my resting pulse rate. If you are thinking of personal training sessions, you will not be disappointed with Lauren.


Hard work but worth it

I came to lauren in February 2012 wanting to loose weight and tone up and be able to fit into a bridesmaid dress for my sisters wedding in september of this year…i didnt think i had a hope in hell but lauren was very positive and steared me in the right direction and here i am am now righting this review as i have managed to get into the dress in 4 months…after lots of hard work supported by lauren….she is such a great trainer always planning different sessions and guiding me in the right direction…for example Spinnig classes…i was scared stiff of going but had a taster session with lauren and a few weeks later i was doing the classes…which now i cant get enough of…and that is down to lauren….i have to say if your looking for a positive personnel trainer that will push you in all the right ways then lauren is the woman for the job…. Thanks hun you have been fab……Plus you have great nails…hahahaha…


Thanks to Lauren!

Thanks to Lauren I am much fitter than I have ever been! Having Lauren as my pt, I have accomplished my fitness goals and challenged my fitness skills by completing in the fit brit challengeand beating my personal best time! Lauren didn,t only teach me the various skills in training to help me workout in the gym ,she has helped me to be more active in where I work as well, as a print finisher I am also much more efficient and much faster in what I do for a living in a fast paced printing company I am also much more active in my spare time such as I do enjoy going for long walks especially all around central London and enjoy walking up steep stairs when walking accross the bridge over the thames! I am 54 years old and I am much more active now than I was at 34 years old! I feel Lauren Woollard isn,t just my personal trainer she,s like my manager.


Fantastic PT

I came to Lauren after the birth of my 1st son and I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer. Lauren is very attentive, friendly and tailors sessions
to your own individual needs. She really has given me the encouragement and positive outlook to achieve my goals. Lauren has given great advice when it comes to my dietary needs. I have seen a significant change in my overall fitness and the results are showing in my body shape and clothes!! If you want results Lauren Woollard will help you achieve them for sure. X